More About Me

So this pretty much sums up “me.” I’m Kate. I love to travel, and have been blessed to be able to travel overseas many times. I love horses. In fact, my bachelor’s degree is in horses. Yep, that’s a real thing. I love experiencing new cultures. I have been to Central America several times and have fallen in love with the people there. I also make silly faces. Constantly. It makes life a little more interesting. I have a westie, and I will probably never love a dog as much as I love him. He’s my buddy. I love football, particularly the Ravens.

So what does one do with a degree in horses? Well a lot of things, I’m sure. But like most indecisive 20 somethings, I decided to change things up at the last minute. Towards the end of my degree, I found a new passion: nutrition. I threw away the vet school applications, and started thinking of how I could make this new passion into a career. Fast forward a couple years, and here I am, in graduate school working towards becoming a registered dietitian.

So I’m not the expert, yet. But I’m getting there. In the mean time, I’m here to share tidbits of helpful information and delicious recipes (most of which follow a Mediterranean diet). I’ll go ahead and admit the fact that I LOVE to bake and have a slight cupcake obsession. So some sweets will be making appearances as well. It’s all about moderation!

You can read my quick summary of the Mediterranean diet here!


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